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A Child Is Missing, We Need Your Help !

The terrorist acts of September 11, 2001 have shaken our nation and its charities, as funding in most cases is no longer available to worthy causes that need your support. There is a very serious problem here in America and it was here prior to the events of September 11, 2001 and is presently continuing today that is substantially greater than Americans are aware of and its happening to our children.

We desperately need your help in finding missing children. As over 3,000 children are reported missing in America every day according to FBI records. These are horrifying numbers and we need your financial support to help these children in need.

A Child Is Missing is the " first and only first and rapid response group " working directly and exclusively with Law Enforcement.

From our "National Command Center" utilizing our "National Rapid Response System," we generate over 1,000 phone calls every 5 minutes or less to the area where the child was last seen. Just minutes after the notification from local Law Enforcement is received at our " National Command Center " the search area is immediately expanded from the last point of contact to saturate the strategic area with " maximum impact " until the child is found. Our "National Command Center" and " National Rapid Response System " which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which triangulates and geo-maps sightings utilizing all other forms of information received, working with local Law Enforcement until the child that was missing is found. As funding increases along with the manpower necessary to combat this " War " at the " National Command Center " so to will the amount of calls that, are made, on a per minute basis.

There is " no other service any where in the world " like, A Child Is Missing. In fact, every day we receive requests from around the world to expand our coverage.

With your help, we can achieve our goal; we are doing " Our First National Telethon " it is called the " Climb For America’s Children Denali 2001-2002 Expedition. " This is a " NeXt Generation Telethon ", " An Extreme Sport Charitable Event. " This event anticipated, to be, one of the most watched events of its kind, in television history, due to the urgency, seriousness and the graphic nature of this hideous crime.

You will see how children’s and babies body parts are being surgically removed for profit and other children and babies are being killed, then their lifeless little body’s are surgically gutted and filled with drugs in order to cross our boarders and they look like they are sleeping. You will see how children are abducted then drugged and transported, children that are being sold into slavery, for sexual perversion and other disgustingly perverse things that you had no idea of that are going on right under your noses. There is so much child abduction and child abuse going on today that it is a " worldwide epidemic." You will see facts and stories that you will not be able to comprehend or begin to understand that are so horrifying that you would not believe it until you see it yourself and it is unbelievable as the numbers are staggering.

There is so much abuse that we have asked the President of the United States to declare " War On Child Abduction and Child Abuse " as " A Matter of Domestic Defense " and " Homeland Security."

You will not believe your eyes and your ears as to what you are going to learn because of this event and is more than you could have possibly imagined. In most cases other than the climb itself, you will be asked to have your children to leave the room. As the violence and horrifying nature of this, hideously disgusting holocaust of our children is not something you will want your children to see, and is not going to be tolerated, any longer!

I tell you the truth; anyone, who hurts, one of these defenseless little children, will be dealt with, by the "Hand of God Himself, " help now before it is too late and one of these missing and abducted children is yours!

There is no doubt that the future of our planet depends on our children. We must protect our most valuable resource, our children and with your help, we can reach our goal.

We need your help and we need it now! This is not a scam to get your money. The board of directors and Advisory Board are like the who’s who of Law Enforcement and the founder of A Child is Missing was awarded the coveted J. Edgar Hoover Award for Distinguished Public Service from the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

Do not hesitate to help us fight this " War " it is here and it is now, right at home in your own back yard. Do not be confused this problem is not just going to go away it will only get worse, just like cancer, we have got to cut it out! We can together rid the world of the scum that prey upon these defenseless little children, one of them could be yours!

Are you upset? If not, you should be! Do you have a burning desire to rid the world of Child Abduction and child abuse? If so, do it now before something really, bad happens right before your own eyes. This problem will not go away without your help!!!

Help Now!!! Pledge online, all funds contributed, are accounted for by one of the largest accounting firms in the world to insure that money contributed is given as was intended, for the benefit of children in need and finding these missing children.

Thank-You, May God Bless You For Your Support!


George LaMoureaux
Climb For America’s Children &
National Advisory Board Member of A Child Is Missing

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